Control over your healthcare costs is within reach.

Too many businesses feel powerless when it comes to wrangling skyrocketing healthcare costs and navigating today’s complex medical system. You and your plan members are entitled to understand the fundamental rights and decisions you have on your health plan.

The Employer Bill of Rights

Your business has the right to...


Pay a fair amount for healthcare.

Paying for healthcare should be treated like any other business expense — especially since it often represents the second largest operating expense after employee wages. Employers do not have to accept the status quo for their health plan and pay medical expenses that are inflated.


Know what healthcare services actually cost.

A traditional PPO (Preferred Provider Organization) health plan typically leaves the employer in the dark about how plan parameters were set by the insurer and medical provider. Businesses have a right to know the cost of medical services.


Audit medical bills.

Billing mistakes and inflation of medical charges are common. Businesses and individuals have a right to carefully evaluate healthcare expenses. A line-by-line auditing of medical bills helps ensure the charges are accurate and fair.


Explore your health plan options.

By partnering with an informed and experienced healthcare consultant, employers can discover health plan options beyond the traditional PPO model. A self-funded health plan, where employers pay for medical claims as services are rendered instead of providing ongoing and advanced payments to an insurance company, can take employers on the path towards more control over healthcare spending.


Offer your employees a comprehensive and affordable benefits program.

Employees count on their employer-sponsored health plans to be reliable and financially feasible. Employers have a right to offer healthcare solutions that minimize the financial burden on the plan member.


Design a health plan to meet your unique needs.

The best health plans are well-rounded and flexible. Employers have the right to customize their health plan to determine the approach that best suits the needs of their business and team. Unlike traditional health plans, self-funded plans are customizable.


Defend the best interests of your business and your employees when paying for healthcare.

Surprise medical bills and inflated prices are common, but healthcare finances do not have to be handled alone. Employers and individuals have the right to access advocacy services that support fair and reasonable healthcare payments and help employers meet their fiduciary responsibility.


Make direct connections with providers and health systems.

Fair outcomes can be achieved when people work together. By creating direct partnerships with providers and health systems in their communities, employers can become good stewards of healthcare by building bridges and driving quality healthcare experiences for all.

Become Informed

Know your rights when developing your company’s health plan.

Explore Your Options

Empower yourself to make decisions that benefit you and your employees and improve your bottom line.

Take Action

The time to challenge the status quo is now.

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